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Visits 5, 6,7 and 8

It’s been a while and I’ve not been very diligent in updating my blog with news about my training, but I’ll try and get things up to speed in this latest posting. The only problem is some of them are now so long ago I can’t remember what happened 🙂

Visit 5 – Parsley Hay (13/05/06)
Can’t remember a thing from this visit (it must have been that exciting) … sorry!

Visit 6 – Stanage (3/6/06)

  • Weather: Really, really hot!
  • Ranger: A. Cherry
  • Route:

After finally discovering where the rangers actually start from (not from North Lees campsite, but actually half a mile up the steep road – thank goodness for the guy who gave me a lift in his Land Rover to the top of the hill or I’d have probably arrived about half-an-hour after everybody else had left) we set of in the direction of …. We returned via Bamford Edge, and I’d agree with Alan that this must be one of the best views in the Peak (yes another one!) especially on a day like this when you could see Hope Valley and the Upper Dervwent Valley spread before you. (see below)

Visit 7 – Trentabank (17/6/06)

  • Weather: overcast
  • Ranger: Geoff Summer
  • Route: Gradbatch car park, Flash, Gradbatch

This turned out to be a slightly more unusual day than I expected (in as much as I didn’t predict I would be walking down the main road with a giant tea-pot, but more of that later…)

When I arrived at the briefing centre I was asked if I wanted to go on a guided walk that one of the rangers was leading …

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