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Visit 9 – Parsley Hay (26/8/06)

Weather: Sunny spells (but no rain until the minute we got back to the car!)
Ranger: John Towse:

I should have realised that Edale would be booked up on the Friday before the Bank Holiday, so instead it was off to Parsley Hay. As well as a general patrol we were going to research a possible guided walk in the south of the National Park near Ilam. But before setting off there was a lesson in completing route cards, and as my navigation weekend is coming up soon I thought it might be a good idea to listen properly this time 🙂

We started from the car park near the Dog & Partridge and joined the old turnpike road towards the village of Thorpe. This actually took us just off the bottom of the map and out of the National Park. But just because you’re officially outside the Peak District doesn’t mean the countryside is any less impressive. The view over the gently sloping Dove Valley leading towards Ashbourne was excellent. It was hard to believe that you were only a few miles south of the ever-popular (and incredibly crowded) area of Dovedale to the north. Crossing the Dove via an enormous stone bridge that once carried the turnpike road we headed towards the hamlet of Blore.

On returning to the car we got an incredible view of most of Derbyshire spread before us (see photo below). We reckoned we could see at least 40+ miles to Derby and beyond. There was even some hills in the distance which I have yet to identify! I really should have taken my SLR camera, but the weather looked so unpromising first thing!

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