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My room at Sutton Bonington

My room at Sutton Bonington

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Well today was the big one, the real thing, the day when the first new vet school in 50 years finally got some students! There was a real sense of participating in the start of something really important. All the staff were in academic dress whislt the Dean gave a formal speech to open the school and welcome us all. Next the part everybody was really waiting for, time to collect our goodies!

All the students in the first year of the course have been presented with a “Foundation Award” which thanks to various sponsors has been extremelly generous. The pile of stuff that the school had managed to obatin for us was absolutely incredible. It would take too long to list everything here but to summarise it inluded; clothes, books, stetscope, wellies, bags, books and much much more – musn’t forget the laptop on which I’m typing this blog. (It took me 2 trips just to get it all back to my room!) It’s a brilliant way to start the course and should save me quite a bit of much needed cash. Because we have received so much stuff we were even told not to flaunt it to other students on the campus in case they got a bit upset.

Next we met our tutors who’ll oversee our academic and pastoral needs over the next 5 years, so it’s really quite a good idea if you get on with them! The lucky person to be allocated to me is one of the new Professors at the school Dr Malcolm Cobb. He seems a nice guy and I think we’ll get on OK, although boy is he competitive when it comes to bowling (but more of that later). This was followed by the official school photograph (I wonder if we’ll make it on the front of the Vet Record, maybe not 😉 ) which I’ll put up on here when I get a copy and for once it’s actually a photo where I’m not pulling some rediculous face – no more than usual anyway. After the snaps outside the shiny new building we were treated to a really tasy buffet and champagne! The first of many this week for us spoilt vet students 🙂

By now I’m already flagging and we’re only haflf way through the first day – lol.



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