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New year, new resolutions, new blog …

Right 2008, we’ll see how long my good intentions last this year. Again I shall try and update my blog more regularly. One reason this doesn’t happen is often because of the time an inconvenience of having to log into my blog etc, hopefully with a new browser I’ve discovered this should become a little easier.

Flock is a brand new web browser based on Firefox. I’ve used firefox for a number of years now and find it greatly superior to Internet Explorer. Flock has all the best bits from Firefox plus lots of extra tools for social networking and blogging. For example this post it is being written directly from Flock itself. You can also easily blog from other sites as you surf the web, making updating your site much more sponatreous. Flock is very well intergrated into a number of social networking sites such as Facebook, allowing you to see all your friends and access most of Facebook’s options the touch of a button. It’s also great for aggregating rss feeds and viewing multimedia, so give it a try at http://www.flock.com

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