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Wow – A proper earthquake!

We don’t get much in the way of dramatic natural phenomenon in the UK, but this morning I was awoken at 12.57 am by a loud rumbling sound. Living under the flight-path for east midlands airport I immediately assumed that a very large plan was coming in a bit low until I released the whole room was swaying and shaking! Having never experienced anything quite like this before and being in a fairly groggy state it took some time for me actually realise what was happening – yep you’ve guessed it – an earthquake. An earthquake isn’t usually at the top of your list for reasons for being woken up in the night in this part of the world and this was more than just a small tremor.

I think I mus only have been woken up for the last 30 seconds or so as it was over fairly quickly, although at least I did experience it unlike my housemate who managed to sleepl through the whole thing and has had to listen to people talking about it all day!

When I got up this morning I wondered whether  had actually been imagining it. However a quick look at the BBC news website confirmed that it was in fact the largest earthquake in the UK for 25 years. In global terms this really is quite a small quake but it does make you appreciate how devastating a large earthquake in other parts of the world must be. The elemental power required to shake your whole house is quite scary – knowing that you’re completely powerless to do anything.

It’s not often that there’s an event that everybody really is talking about. It has been the first thing anybody has mentioned and nearly every group of people you walk past are discussing it. Anyway being the sort of person who likes to contribute to furthering scientific knowledge I completed the questionnaire at http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk. Apparently this earthquake occurred in an area that hasn’t had much seismic activity in the past so they are keen to discover more about this particle quake. So if you felt give the site a visit, the questionnaire only takes a few minutes.

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