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Still to be convinced by linux

I’ve had a few days to play around with my new netbook and one of the first things I’ve had to do is get used to is Linux. Acer’s version of linux installed on the One is ‘Linpus‘ a variant of Fedora and it takes some time to get to grips with when you’ve grown up with Windows. There’s plenty of similarities, but just when you think you know what you’re doing you hit another brick wall. The way linux lets you install apps direct from preinstalled ‘repositories’ is great, until you want something that isn’t there. As soon as you stray from the most simple actions you have to get into command line code. Now I like getting ‘under the bonnet’ of computer operating systems and tinker around, but why in this day and age do you need to know code just to add a desktop icon or google earth?! Come on linux it might be fun for computer geeks but you’ll never take on microsoft if you can’t make things a bit easier for the average computer user.

“Linux is more user friendly”

I’m afraid not yet. I don’t want to be spoon fed, but Linux still has some way to go until it matches the ease of use of most Microsoft products.

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  1. December 30, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    ubuntu, i guess, is a great alternative to windows. plus the ubuntu repositories include pretty much everything you’ll ever need, so the average user might not need to go into the command line mode.
    personally, command line is actually fun. 🙂

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