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Hill bagging

Since leaving Liverpool University I haven’t done nearly as much walking as  used to which, which is a shame as I really enjoyed it and I was much fitter. After a recent visit to Keswick (to celebrate reaching half-way through the vet course – but that’s another story) I managed to sneak off for a couple of hours and have a quick hike. It was a gorgeous  day with the tops still just covered in snow. It reminded me that I should definitely try and do a bit more walking. Anyway when I got back I got thinking how setting myself a target for climbing so many peaks per month/year might motivate to do some more, and I’ve always fancied completing one of the ‘lists’ of hills such as the Wainwrights. When I sit down and think about it I’ve already complted quite a few, so I searched the internet for a list and came up with www.hill-bagging.co.uk. Not only does it provide a databse for all the major lists of hills Wainwrights, Monores, Nuttalls etc. but really usefully also allows you to log your climbs to see how you’re progressing. It’s a really great site – simple to use but does exactly what you want with no fuss (would be great if you could add a photo of the summit though) – so go and visit and start bagging those hills! .

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