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I’ll be voting for Libertas in the Euro elections, here’s why …

Politics may currently be at low ebb in the UK but I take my democratic responsibilities very seriously so will still be voting in the local and Euro elections next week. But who should you vote for and why?

Visit www.votematch.com where you answer a series of questions about your stance on a range of issues. You are then presented with the party which most closely matches your views.

The results of my test can be seen above. They clearly showed Libertas as the party that is closest to my political views. I’d already decided to support Libertas for the Euro elections so this was quite reassuring. but who are they and what do they propose?

Libertas are a new pan-european party who want root-and-branch reform of the European Union to make it more democratic and representative of its citizens. They oppose the Lisbon treaty and want repatriation of some powers to national parliaments. S if you’re pro-european but are disappointed with the major parties and want to stay in Europe, but a reformed Europe I suggest you consider Libertas for your vote on Thursday.

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