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Right, I’m back …

After a few months absence due to a lack of anything exciting to talk about and pure laziness (ok just laziness, there’s been plenty of things to talk about) I am going to endeavor to blog again.

I’ve just finished the first week of my 4th year exams, and all I can say is I feel a bit like this:

It’s been one of the hardest and most tiring weeks of exams I’ve ever had, and there’s been a few. I’m only really writing this now because it’s some relief from revising veterinary public health (which I’m sure is very important but also incredibly boring..) something which is getting the better of me.

Anyway believe it or not final year is finally here! 7 years of studying and thousands of lectures latter I’m going out into the big wide world to learn how to be a proper vet – you might want to hope your pet doesn’t get ill in  the next few months 🙂 It’s a prospect which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time and something I can’t quite believe is finally here.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write about some of the more interesting aspects of my clinical year here on the blog (exam results and progression permitting) and maybe even put up a few Big Brother style videos – as I’ve inexplicably volunteered to record my thoughts for the benefit of research, to ‘improve the learning experience’ for future students. (pity the poor person who has to watch me talking to myself on video for several hours)

Well just another week of exams to get through first, piece of cake, then a whole weekend off  before the real work starts!

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