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RIP – Edward Hardwicke

Just learnt of the death of the actor Edward Hardwicke. I only mention it because of a personal recollection I have from many years ago when as a schoolboy I met the cast of Sherlock Holmes, filming for the TV series near to where I lived. Both Edward Hardwicke and the late Jeremy Brett both posed for photographs and gave autographs to myself and several friends. I remember that they were both extremely friendly and good humoured and weren’t annoyed in the least by a load of kids asking questions and generally getting in the way, probably not something that could be said of many ‘celebrities’. I’ll try and dig out the old photos and post them up.

Jeremy Brett was personally my favourite portrayal of Sherlock Holmes (maybe not textbook, but who cares!) and Edward Hardwicke made and excellent Watson.  Brett died several years ago and was a very sad loss to acting, likewise I’m sure Hardwicke will also be greatly missed.

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