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What a ridiculous situation!

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Only in F1 would you end up with two teams with the same name and the same livery! Wouldn’t want to be commentating next season …

Line up of John Player Special liveried Lotus ...
Image by bobaliciouslondon via Flickr
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Yipee, new camera!

August 8, 2006 Leave a comment

Finally after much umming and ahhing I have purchased a new
camera. This was necessary because my previous camera just didn’t
produce good enough photographs which was nothing to do with me being a
rubbish photographer, honest. So I’ve finally gone digital and although
I’ve only had it a couple of weeks it’s absolutely excellent and I’m
finding I’m taking much more photographs than before see here
(Staffordshire Snapper) for a few examples and am much more willing to
experiment without worrying about wasting film.




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