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Golden Global Meltdown – Mark Kermode and ‘ How to Train Your Dragon’

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Mark Kermode sums up some of the bizarre decisions made in the nomination of this year’s Golden Globes in the video below.

For me there’s another glaring omission/mistake. How could the soundtrack to ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘ have been overlooked for Best Original Score? The music for this film is fantastic; moving, energetic, exciting and original. John Powell excels himself with one of the best film scores I’ve heard in years.


It compliments the film perfectly and is everything a brilliant movie soundtrack should be. Completely incredible. Just hope the Oscars rectify this injustice!
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PS. I also think HTTYD should have been in the running for Best Film, but that’s just me.


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Top 10 Songs of 2009

December 30, 2009 Leave a comment

As the year draws to an end I’ve compiled a list of my favourite tracks of 2009. No doubt there are many better bands/songs I’ve missed out – my musical taste is not what you’d call sophisticated – but these are the ones which I’ve enjoyed singing along to this year (sorry those who have suffered my inharmonious sound pollution) and can remember off the top of my head. Feel free to criticise and add your own. In no particular order (because I like them all), here’s my top 10:

Arctic Monkeys
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Leddra Chapman – Story
Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone
Taken by Trees – Sweet Child O’ Mine
Jack Penate – Pull My Heart Away
Noisettes – Never Forget You
La Roux – Bulletproof
Kasabian – Fire
Robie Williams – Bodies
Hockey – Song Away
Nerina Pallot – Real Late Starter

If you’ve got Spotify (my best tech discovery of the year), just click on the track title to listen to the track.

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Amazing radio, what a great idea

A new DAB station, called Amazing Radio,  is about to launch on the spectrum previously occupied by the space-filling Birdsong station (very soothing, but not money making or a particularly exciting way to use one of the UK’s few national digital licenses). The new station which is currently broadcasting test transmissions on D1, can also be heard here, aims to promote new, unsigned bands who wouldn’t normally get national airplay.

dab digital radio

Any band can submit their music to the Amazing Tunes website where the general public then decide what music will played, and where tracks can be purchased, with artists receiving 70% from each track sold. From what I’ve heard so far there’s some half-decent music on there (mixed with some that’s not that great), the production values are still a bit amateurish, but I think this will improve (they’re also looking for new presenters and DJs), but all-in-all it makes a fantastic addition to what’s currently available on other stations.

It’s a great idea and I really hope it works, but the precendents set by other recent niche digital stations (such as Oneword and TheJazz) which had bigger budgets and more publicity,  isn’t brilliant and I can’t see how they’ll be able make it pay in the longer term, but who knows.

Amazing Radio launches on DAB, promoting unsigned talent – Telegraph

Amazing Radio gives voice to unsigned bands – but silences ..

A lively, if slightly cynical (although maybe not unrealistic) discussion about the future prospects of the station is available at DigitalSpy

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