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Rolf Harris on Have I Got News for You

Last week’s HIGNFY was a classic. Rolf did a great job, reminded me of the episode with Bruce Forsyth (Play your Iraqi cards right!). At the end Rolf orchestrated a sing-a-long of ‘Two Little Boys‘, hilarious …

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Another sad passing ….

January 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m trying not to turn this blog into one long list of obituaries but I can’t let the death of one of my favourite childhood TV presenters Tony Hart, pass without mention. Although never a great artist myself I used to love coming home after school to watch Hart Beat with Tony Hart, and Morph of course!. Years later I can still vividly recall the catchy 1980s opening music (see video below). Tony Hart had a natural ability to enthuse a young audience about art and I’m sure inspired many children to pick up a paint brush. He will be missed by many.

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Death of the Danger Man

January 16, 2009 1 comment
Patrick McGoohan as Number Six, in a scene fro...
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I read today about the death of a brilliant actor, who appeared in one of my favourite TV shows from the 1960s, Patrick McGoohan. He appeared in a series that was to become a cult classic, The Prisoner, a concept devised by McGoohan himself which was years ahead of its time and still strikes a chord today.

His obituary appears here and describes how this much underated actor could have gone on to even greater things (he turned down the role of James Bond twice!) but instead shyed away from the lure of Hollywood and struggled with the fame he attracted from The Prisoner to become something of a recluse. Even so the masterpiece that is ‘The Prisoner’ is timeless and is his lasting legacy.

Here’s a clip of McGoohan at his best. RIP

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More4 Pub Quiz

December 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I wish my pub quiz team had such a large breadth of knowledge. Unfortunately until the day when there’s a quiz where all the questions are about diseases of dairy cattle or possibly the details of ‘Spooks series 1-7′, the chances of us winning big seem remote …

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