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More4 Pub Quiz

December 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I wish my pub quiz team had such a large breadth of knowledge. Unfortunately until the day when there’s a quiz where all the questions are about diseases of dairy cattle or possibly the details of ‘Spooks series 1-7′, the chances of us winning big seem remote …

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Short-sighted solution

Spotted this in New Scientist a few weeks ago, my own Vet School! Quite funny really and it’s probably how it appeared to people who didn’t know the detectors were there to stop student cheats not for excessive noise!

clipped from
THANKS to Sean May for forwarding this note from the veterinary school at the University of Nottingham in the UK with its sadly short-sighted technical solution to the problem of excess noise during exams: “Vet School exams will be held between 9-11 am on the morning of Friday 16 February. We will be posting notices asking for quiet and for all mobile phones to be switched off upon entering the Vet School atrium. Please be aware that we will be operating a mobile phone detector which will sound a loud alarm if phones are left switched on.”

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October 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Well it’s been a while since I last updated my blog but I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time. So much has happened that I don’t know if I can remember it all. I can’t believe that I’ve been here 6 weeks already!powered by performancing firefox



Vet Student at Last!!!

September 30, 2006 Leave a comment

Well after many years of trying I’ve finally made it and this week started at Nottingham’s new School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. I arrived last Sunday in time for Freshers Week (my second!) and what a week it’s been. I’ll now try to give you a quick run-down of what I’ve been up to, but I think it’ll be impossible to really convey how busy and exciting it’s been to be one of the first ever students to start at Nottingham Vet School.Sunday
After saying goodbye to the parents (it doesn’t get any easier second time round – I find anyway) and just dumping all my stuff on the floor of my room we were bused off to the main campus (University Park or U.P) for the Freshers address. We were then taught the Sutton Bonington songs by one of the reps who shouted so loud I’m amazed she could speak at the end of the night. In a nutshell they were so crude that there is only one that I’m willing to repeat in polite company. Which is (sang to the tune of Oh when the saints come marching in):

“Oh SB is! Oh SB is .. Oh SB is so wonderfull.
It’s full of top totty and geezers. Oh SB is so wonderful.” (Repeat many times)

As you can see it doesn’t take long to get the hang off! (There is another version of this song which lets just say isn’t very nice about the people at University Park 🙂 But that’s OK as they all think we’re farmers and have equally viscious songs about us apparently, which due to be not being a party animal and not going on the buses haven’t had the joy of hearing.

Anyway the address consisted of a light & sound spectacular (it’s clear that University Tec like showing off 🙂 – I’ve never heard music so loud! -cool idea though) and a few welcome speeches from the deputy vice chancellor and guild reps etc. Back on the bus, more songs, meet flat mates etc until lateish.



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