BBC News – Nasa unveils Space Launch System vision

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The design of the next generation of rocket that NASA intends to use for manned and un-manned missions has been unveiled.
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Size of the US economy… It’s HUGE!!!!!

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I think this graphic really brings home the true scale of the US economy in global terms. On a slightly tangential note an interesting article in Der Spiegel (,1518,784612,00.html) explains why America has such a successful and stable monetary union and why the Eurozone in its current format never can.

Charlie Brooker’s How to Report the News – Newswipe – BBC Four

Brilliant! – Think ‘pictures of overweight people with their head subtly framed out’ was my favourite

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RIP – Edward Hardwicke

Just learnt of the death of the actor Edward Hardwicke. I only mention it because of a personal recollection I have from many years ago when as a schoolboy I met the cast of Sherlock Holmes, filming for the TV series near to where I lived. Both Edward Hardwicke and the late Jeremy Brett both posed for photographs and gave autographs to myself and several friends. I remember that they were both extremely friendly and good humoured and weren’t annoyed in the least by a load of kids asking questions and generally getting in the way, probably not something that could be said of many ‘celebrities’. I’ll try and dig out the old photos and post them up.

Jeremy Brett was personally my favourite portrayal of Sherlock Holmes (maybe not textbook, but who cares!) and Edward Hardwicke made and excellent Watson.  Brett died several years ago and was a very sad loss to acting, likewise I’m sure Hardwicke will also be greatly missed.

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This week’s Private Eye

Well it made me laugh …

Anglo-EU Translation guide

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A little bit of humor: “Anglo-EU Translation Guide”

Some days ago, my friend Douglas, sent  me the chart attached: “Anglo-EU Translation Guide”. My friend Douglas comes from Canada, and English is his mother tongue. He is a senior executive of a global company, with more than 25 years of experience working in Brussels with the European Union institutions.

When I read this chart, I laughed very much: it was (it is) a great joke. But when I read it again, these ideas came to my mind: how difficult is to manage the cultural differences; how difficult is to manage in other language; how difficult is to go beyond words; how difficult is to be in the same page even when you think that you are talking about the same thing.
I hope you enjoy the chart as much as I enjoyed it.

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Electric President – Safe & Sound

Just can’t get enough of this song at the moment, sublime ….

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